Books, Manuals and Videos  


  1. DREYER G, ADDISS D, AGUIAR AM, BETTINGER J, DREYER P, LUIZ A, MIGUEL S, NEVES M, PETERSON A. New hope - For people with lymphedema. CDC, 1999, 16 pages. ENGLISH - PORTUGUESE

  2. DREYER G., ADDISS D., DREYER P., NOROES J. Basic lymphoedema management: Treatment and prevention of problems associated with lymphatic filariasis. Hollis, NH: Hollis Publishing Co., 2002, 112 pp. - ENGLISH
    (Comments about the book: Dr. Brian Duke / Norwegian Med Ass)

  3. DREYER G., ADDISS D., DREYER P., NOROES J. Guide pratique pour la prise en charge des cas de lymphoedème. Traitement et prevention des affections liées à la filariose lymphatic. Hollis, NH: Hollis Publishing Co., 2003, 130 pp. - FRENCH

  4. Video: “The Magician”, Azimutis/WHO (English; Spanish).

  5. Video: “Lymphatic Filariasis and Its Control”, WHO (English; Spanish).

  6. Video: Lymphatic Filariasis: Hope for a Better Life”, executive producer WHO Collaborating Center for Control and Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis in the Americas / Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and promoted by NGO Amaury Coutinho: Two volumes (21 for patients (English - Português) and 58 minutes for health workers) (English, Portuguese, Spanish Creole, French, Chinese).